The materials listed below must be delivered to Tilityy for processing no later than the 10th day of the month following the end of the accounting period

for example, the accoun­ting materials for the accounting period ending at the end of June

must be delivered latest on July 10th

All materials must be delivered using the delivery channel assigned to you by Accoun­ting And Financial Management Service Tilityy and in digital form, for example as pictu­re or pdf files, unless otherwise agreed. Photographed materials must be clear and show all the information of the original document clearly. Each page of each document, relevant to the accounting must be included (multi-page or double-sided documents). Recommended file format is pdf. Other acceptable file formats are jpg, jpeg, tiff and png.


Deliver invoices when they arrive or are sent (not when they are paid). In addition, report all the changes in the business that might concern the accounting, such as changes of contracts (such as a changed/new lease) or people in charge or beneficial owners, changes in the bank accounts and provide the necessary documents (new contracts, notifications, etc.).


Tilityy processes the bookkeeping within a month from the delivery of all materials and by the 10th of the following month at the latest

for example, bookkeeping for the accounting period ending at the end of June

is ready and Tilityy sends you information on the VAT to be paid as well as financial reports for the period latest on August 10th


Tilityy will also report self-assessed taxes and make other necessary reportings within one month from the delivery of all accounting materials and by the 10th of the following month at the latest.


List of required accounting materials 

  • invoices send to you

  • invoices you have sent to your customers

  • product and/or service sales reports (for example point of sales reports, other reports)

  • receipts for online banking payments

  • receipts for cash and card and online payments

  • salary calculations and such, if Tilityy is not responsible for payroll

  • account statements for all accounts in use (bank accounts, Holvi, Verkosto, PayPal, etc.)

    PLEASE NOTICE: heck that you have provided receipts of all account statement transactions

  • MyTax account statement (unless it has been agreed that Tilityy collects it)

  • other possible accounting materials (letters authorities concerning your finance, etc.)

  • possible reminders in/out, letters from debt collection agencies and such


Customer is without exceptions responsible to deliver the requested accounting mate­rials on time. Without the original document, the deductible VAT may not be noticed. Ac­counting And Financial Management Service Tilityy does not guarantee processing of the bookkeeping in time if customer delivers requested materials delayed. Tilityy is not responsible in any way for the possible penalties caused by the delay if the customer has not provided the requested materials on time.


Tilityy's Sales And Customer Service is happy to answer all your questions concerning the accounting materials and the deli­very of the documents.