Tilityy offers reliable options for saving entrepreneur and administration working hours, as well as managing incoming and outgoing payments. Outsource to Tilityy some or all of the payment management operations listed below.


  • sending sales invoices to customers
  • monitoring of incoming payments on sales invoices (sales ledger)
  • purchase invoice monitoring (purchase ledger)
  • payment of purchase invoices (the accounting company is responsible for paying the invoices from the customer's account)


Outsourcing purchase and sales ledger processes frees up time for other business operations, but also brings routine in monitoring of outgoing and incoming payments. Incoming and outgoing invoices can be sent to be accepted or they are processed directly by Tilityy's payment administration expert.


Pricing of the purchase and sales invoice management services

  • can be included directly in the service package for those who purchase Tilityy's accounting and financial statement services
  • if the customer acquires only Tilityy's payment management solutions, the hourly fee for the service is 52,42 euro (incl. VAT 0 %)


Tilityy reserves the right to change the price of services.


To subscribe payment management services, contact the Tilityy's Sales And Customer Service.